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Here's what people are saying about the CD Hands, Hearts and Voices by Ralph Williams & Friends

"This is a beautiful, heart-felt and inspiring CD. We recommend it." ~ Barry and Joyce Vissell, authors of The Shared Heart, Models of Love and Meant to Be.

"Hands hearts and Voices is a CD that is filled with universal love songs, gritty rhythm and blues, belt-it-out gospel and earthy folk-rock and yet all these songs have a message that is much needed in the world right now. I love the variety of styles and singers. The songs flow together with grace and ease. Hands hearts and Voices is a fabulous CD. I highly recommend it!" ~ Karen Drucker, Inspirational Singer/Songwriter

"...reminiscent of the Allman Brothers" ~ Indie-Music review

"This is a wonderful find. I think of it as Spiritual Music. Certainly, it's inspirational. I found the voices and musicians delightful; a very "listenable" album. Words to help me think on what is really important in this jumbled world. The mood is a nice mix; a good variety of arrangements which don't all sound the same. It's a little gospel, blues, country, love songs, chants to sing and dance with, etc.. This music feels good!" Reverend Mark Berry, percussionist

"I purchased this CD after hearing just one song. I feared that because the songs varied in style, I would like only the one. I was greatly pleased to find, both my husband and I, like them all. When we are to go on a car trip, my husband grabs Ralph's CD first. I hope Ralph gets the next one out soon." Kit T.

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Here are some links to a couple of really cool internet radio stations that play music with a positive and/or new-thought spiritual message:

Positive Music Association Radio

One Vibration Radio